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Welcome to the uHoof Web Design Services page

A great Website is a valuable asset for any business providing:

  • A powerful mechanism for supporting and evolving the business brand.
  • A centralised resource used by all employees and stakeholders instilling pride and confidence.
  • An opportunity to display products and services and facilitate sales transactions.
  • A portal through which tools and resources can be promoted and distributed. For example, online inductions, company news.
  • A portal through which data is collected, analysed and distributed back to users via reports.
  • A mechanism for management communication and coordination of the team.

Our approach

The uHoof web team takes a strategic approach to web site development. The objectives of the site and future requirements are firstly considered. The brand should be understood and reflected in the design. If converting from an existing site, consider updating or extending the content as part of the project.

Consider the benefits of adding a blog (news), portfolio or online store/shopping cart capability. We would be happy to explore these possibilities with our live demonstration sites.

The uHoof team is experienced in building sites using the latest Content Management system, WordPress. Once your site is live, we can show you how to maintain or add to your web content. You can also give access to different team members to manage activites such as your online store/products, blog news, or portfolio. The tools we use provide you with:

  • Low cost to develop and deploy your site.
  • Configurable news blogging tools with flexible multi-tier categories.
  • Effective low cost extensions, such as shopping cart, product/inventory management, team rostering, accommodation booking management.
  • User management and security that facilitates different team members maintaining areas relevant to them. For example News vs Products/Online store.
Contact uHoof for a free consultation on your Web strategy.

About us?

Our Company Mission
The uHoof Philosophy
The uHoof Promise

Our Skills

  • Web design and development
  • WordPress
  • Brand design and Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic and Business planning
  • Custom Software design/development/support
  • Recruitment/Contracting