Leads vs Opportunities

I often get asked by CRM users, when should I make something a lead and when should I add as an opportunity associated with a company or account. Firstly, it will be helpful to consider the sales process as a workflow. Sales opportunities start simply as a name of an organisation or person. They could come from a database, a …

Do you really need a CRM?

I have been using CRM systems on and off for about 15 years, including some of big company systems like Salesforce, Act and Maximiser. Currently I am using an Australian system called PeopleTray, as it is much easier and does what I need. I especially like the ability to switch to a map view of our customer locations, and the ...

Internet of things

The Internet is still evolving at breakneck speed. Things like the Internet of Things from Microsoft should accelerate the connection of home and business devices to the Internet.  

6 Qualities of a Marketing Manager

I think this is right. Marketing and Sales managers need to be strong in these areas. A part of it is being passionate about keeping up with trends, not only in your market space, but also in the technology framework around which information flows and people communicate, research and learn.

Link to 7 Marketing Tricks

Well, they aren’t tricks, but I like these 7 tips for early startup marketing. Especially Numbers 4 and 5.

Gartner Report – Business Intelligence

The 2014 Gartner report on Business Intelligence is comprehensive and provides deep insights into the leaders in the BI field, the available products and differentiating aspects of each vendors offering. It includes several new Cloud based BI players, and helps extend everyone’s understanding of how some vendors are testing the Cloud opportunity in the BI arena.